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General Discussion / Top 5 Scariest AA stuff
« on: August 28, 2013, 03:02:10 PM »
I just remember how this game traumatized me as a kid by the horrible scary stuff it has at some points! So here's my top 5.

1)  Being scared shitless by that mofo warlock on top of the wall shooting those creepy scary skullface homing missiles that would come after me and make that horrible, horrible scary sound!
And FINALLY after many weeks of playing finding a way to get up the wall and killing the son of a bitch that terrorized me for so long!

2) Holy shit, stone ball rolling down the corridor, noes! *Runs away* *BAM floor collapses* *ends up in a pit full of skeletons*

3) Opening that damn door with the lever in the underground part behind the waterfall in Elmore's Retreat I think (not sure which mission) and having that freaking Gargoyle standing right on the other side. *HISSSSS!*

4) I farmed the first map of Destruction extensively and there are those wraiths in the castle. One of them is in an apparantly dead-end room. So I was doing that map as usual, entered that room to kill the wraith, but it wasn't there. So I thought whatever, and continued. After I walked down the corridor further, suddenly the sucker was right behind me. *HISSSSSS!* I realized later that that 'room' was actually a shaft and that the critter must have flown upwards a bit, where I couldn't see it, and came down again as soon as I opened the door, and pursued me! Evil game!

5) Temple of Astarte wraith room teleport after trying to steal the treasure. Surviving and then getting blasted from afar by the evil wizard himself.

General Discussion / So, I actually tried to buy this game
« on: August 28, 2013, 02:32:43 PM »
Back in the old days I got a shareware version of this game and eventually started nagging my parents to buy it.

But they said it was way too expensive and I should try to get it at a computer fair like I did with all other games (back in those days, it was actually possible to get 50% discount on new games at those fairs, I got warcraft 2 for the equivalent of $20 a few weeks after release!).

Of course, I never saw this game at the fair or the shop, so after a year of trying to get it, I started nagging my parents again.

They decided to send a letter asking if the game had a discount since it was somewhat old now and $44.95 was way too expensive for us. But the letter never got there. We saw 'Athens' in the address, and us living in Europe and only knowing one Athens, sent the letter to Greece. Since we never got a reply, nor could we get the phone number to work, my parents declared that the devs were scammers that would just steal our money and would never give us the full game anyway. :(

I've always thought the game was made in Greece until now.

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