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Hints, Cheats, Tips & walkthroughs / HP/MP/Stats on Level
« on: September 06, 2013, 06:12:41 PM »
Hello everyone!

I unfortunately wasn't one of the "old guard" and I'd never even heard of this game until about two years ago or so when I was on one of my annual old obscure RPG binges and stumbled upon it.  Became enamored with it for a while, and tried to get my friends to play (to little avail, most of them aren't into older games and didn't want to jump through flaming hoops to netplay with DOSBox), and I'm simultaneously amazed, impressed, and excited to see it's back!

I had a pretty basic question - how are HP and MP calculated when leveling?  At first I thought they were tied to your CON and MAG respectively, but this doesn't seem to be the case.  It's usually pretty close, but my Knight tends to have one under or one over the relevant stat of each, and while some of the classes start with an HP or MP exactly equal to their starting CON or MAG at creation, some have 1-3 points less for some reason.

I know for stats (for the Knight at least, I'm not sure on everyone else) you seem to get 18 points distributed semi-randomly between all of your skills every level.  It seems like no stat can get less than 2 (and I've never seen a single stat get more than 6 but it could be possible), and they at least appear to be weighted slightly (i.e., as a Knight I tend to get a 2 in MAG and STL more often, ant 4+ in STR and CON more often), but I'm not sure exactly how HP/MP gains work.

Really this is only important insofar as I'm a terrible, horrible min/maxer and tend to save scum my stats on level up, but I think I'm going to just start using a save editor to spare my sanity and I want to make sure that I end up with a "legit" total that would actually be theoretically possible to get.  On a similar note, base stats (before items) cap at 100, correct?

Not too important, but hey, it's just a game.  :D  Thanks in advance for any responses and happy adventuring!

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