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General Discussion / Too quiet :(
« on: December 19, 2014, 05:28:35 AM »
Now the semester has finally gone. I was actually expecting some new stuff popped up by the time I got here, but it seems like not that much change had been made :(

Anyway, I actually found that there was a project called OPENXCOM going on for modding the X-com: UFO Defense, the original game. It was just a splendid project: what they've done is not just fixing the problems, but also giving the full modability so that users themselves can participate in the modding. You can freely add new weapons, make new maps, change the desing, almost everything can be done really easily. I think it's based on C+ or something.

It was really impressive, and I think it's really good since every gamers essentially become a part of the developing team. A lot of contributions had been made by other gamers, so the progress is quite remarkable. I think it wouldn't hurt to see what they're doing now. I also heard that UFO2000 is another project for the original game, focused on the multiplayer capability. And they're using the Lua scripting. I don't know if it will be helpful but I'm just saying :)

Hope new things would come out. New maps and challenges would be interesting, I think. I wish I knew more about coding but my knowledge is shallow. Maybe I have to learn some on this vacation.

General Discussion / Re: Infinite lives are too lame?
« on: September 01, 2014, 03:13:30 AM »
There is one more thing to punish -- stats.  Permanent loss of a stat could be an interesting penalty.  You die, you lose one random stat point.  Evil Lysle is out again.

Very sharp observation, but I'm pretty much sure at least MY monitor will be broken within a week if that happens and if there is no way to stop the quest and bring back the stats lol.

I wonder if temporary is enough. Every death dropping 15% of all stats. The challenge goes up at that point, but players aren't necessarily afraid to explore because there's no permanent detriment.

I think I'll add this into pwmod so that we can experiment. Trying to take a magician through quest 1 without spending time on the 100inch crawl would give us a significantly weak enough character to test. Or the ninja. Playing him wrong is just death, after death, after death. LOL

Very interesting. Glad that you decided to try one of all of those possible punishments!

General Discussion / Re: Infinite lives are too lame?
« on: August 29, 2014, 07:31:41 PM »
Happy to see both of you have your own great thoughts about this problem ;D

I myself do not have a clear idea about it yet. Maybe I have to think about it more: I also agree that this is quite an important and complex issue that requires considering a lot of different things. But what I'm currently thinking is that maybe in the end we can adopt several 'standard penalties' for death and let map makers to choose one of them as they please.

For example, peewee's suggestion is a bit more aggresive in that you can actually gain a negative reward at the end (in the perspective of experience). Maybe this rule would suit well for a quite challenging quest, though I think the experience loss should not be too harsh to force gamers to grind levels - it might turn AA into a normal hack & slash game, I guess. Lysle's idea is relatively more comfortable since in any case you gain a positive reward at the end. It might not be effective enough though, so increasing the percentage of the experience loss might be needed (notice that maybe even increasing the loss wouldn't be enough in some challenging quests due to positive gains). So one can see that applying this rule as the general default setting and use other (probably more aggressive) rules as options could be a nice and versatile combination.

All of these are just theoretic. Maybe using more than one setting can raise confusions to gamers, and there might be other ways to solve this problem more effectively (granting an invaluable item when you finished the quest without dying, something like that). I really don't know, and that's why I used so many words like 'maybe' and 'could' here. I think giving a real try to some of these options at the next version would be a good idea.

General Discussion / Infinite lives are too lame?
« on: August 29, 2014, 10:13:22 AM »
Wanted to hear what others think about the 'infinite lives system' of AA :)

I think what makes AA so an amazing game is that when I play the game, I really feel like a person on a real adventure. I've played quite many games but I've never felt this strong adventurous mood in any other games: I almost always enjoyed the fighting or gaining levels rather than exploring things.

But I think it's not that much challenging compared to the whole exciting experience it gives. The problem is that when you die, you only lose some coins, that's all. I guess in the old DOS version your items get spread all over the place but now you can handle that in the option menu.

Today I went through the original Jugurtha quest with a rogue and I killed Jugurtha without a problem! I just simply rushed and rushed again. One might say it's lame but it's not me but the game is lame and I'm just using it. This implies that no matter how one makes a difficult and challenging map, you can just simply keep trying without that much thinking and still win the game. I think it's not good. This sends a signal to the players that they don't need to use potions or be nervous when the danger is near. You might say players can ignore it, but when you die for some reason you will realize either the fact that you didn't prepare that much since dying is nothing, or that you still feel relieved since dying is nothing.

So then making a death a real punishment would be OK? Here is another problem. I'm quite afraid that if we make being killed too harsh, then players would be more focused on gaining levels and becoming too much cautious, ultimately losing the adventurous mood of this game. That would be fatal, no kidding. Actually I think the reason this game feels so adventurous is that you have infinite lives with little disadvantage of being killed compared to any other rpg games. So you can behave more boldy and try to search every possible spots you can.

My little thinking is that still a bit more punishment is needed. I mean, at least death should be more frightening than being hit by an acid ball, you know! The punishment should not hinder the crave for adventure but also be effective in not making players lame anymore. I think this is why the makers of this game let all of your items get spread around when you die but gave you infinite lives and a choice to do the level again. Quite clever, should I have to say.

My experience of this game is way too short so I just want to hear others :D

Editing A&A / Re: [COMPLETE] The Trial of Time Quest Pack
« on: August 29, 2014, 09:46:59 AM »
Played it with the vanilla version of AA: I thought it would be better to try some other characters. Coincidentally, I decided to play as a rogue since I wanted to see how stealing and picking works. I still couldn't get away from the habit of citizen smahsing everyone so you can say I've got crushed pretty much at the first time :'( Missed the secret upper passage in 1-1 and the place where you need a flying potion in 1-3. Well 1-3 I guessed a bit but for the passage in 1-1 I totally lost (didn't even think about it...)

Enjoyed it a lot! It kept the adventurous mood of the game incredibly well and the challenge is always welcomed! I think it would have been better if the death was more punishing. To be honest, acid balls were more frightening than being killed lol Well, that's obviously not a problem of your quest, of course.

I think placing the same rune twice might be helpful considering for a multiplayer as the original quests did. Also, 1-3 was quite dark - I've read the posts above but I'm a bit confused if the original AA has a problem or if the map is just designed as such (my English isn't perfect). If it is the latter, then placing a few more carrots would be nice! I don't know if wolves eat carrots, but I think we can imagine carrots were actually for the wolves, I guess :D

Community Edition / Re: 24-bit Color Rendering
« on: August 29, 2014, 08:22:36 AM »
I truely support your effort to a better graphic.

I'm an oldgamer, not that I'm old but I love to play old games: I love the era when the actual contents were more intriguing, thought provoking, full of experimental challenges (of game makers) and when those were not be concealed by outer materials, such as graphics. So it might be not logical for me to eager for a better graphic of this game.

However, for some reasons the graphic of this game is actually quite bad that it sores my eyes sometimes. For me, the mixture of 2D and 3D is OK. But the main problem I think is that the makers didn't distinguish the texture of the walls and the floors appropriately so it gets me really confused even unconsciously. The finest example might be the level 1-1. We all know that there is a small path to the hidden druid temple, and the texture of wall and the floor is so much similar that it just looks like a bunch of greens and browns - seems like someone has puked on it all over. 

The second problem I think can be solved by your project - the graphic gets even worse when there is not enough light. This is why I always cast glow even when I'm outside a dungeon. I used to watch my magic map rather than the actual game screen when it's dark and I couldn't cast glow, and later I figured out that it was because of this phenomenon.

I just guess (since I don't know that much about anything) that the first problem should be solved on its own way, but of course could be subdued by upgrading the graphics overall. I really cannot remember if Hexen had the similar problems because I had played it relatively long time ago.

Anyway I think what you're doing is wonderful. Just my two cents on it :)

I think you're talking about the crossbow bolt closet.I believe that the amulet door can't be picked, though. So you have to get it first then go pick the bolt closet.

Oh, so is that the only room that cannot be picked? Thanks for the info :)

I myself also tried to figure out what was going on after reading your post, and discovered that when you go inside the pit room, the door you got through becomes closed. I never knew it :o since I just simply killed everyone inside and then got out of the room, always. So somehow the wall beneath the door also got assigned the status 'locked' and that was the reason why all my effort to get inside there was futile  :( IIRC there are several places that have similar problems to this one, but they were to some extent understandable since I knew that a closed door was right above or beneath the wall.


There's a floor that goes down rapidly so damages you if you do not cast suitable spells such as feather fall in 2-2.

The thing is, if you fall in the place, look back and try to open the back wall, then it says it should be opened somewhere else, indicating that it is a secret door.

The problem is that I've searched every possible spots but there doesn't seem to be a lever to open the door. So I'm guessing that it can be only opened by those thievery characters or it's just a false secret door.

Veteran players would know that there are so many secret doors in this level. That includes one secret key that can open two secret doors, which means unless you have stealing ability, you can only choose just one of them. So I think it is reasonable to guess that the door can be only unlocked by thievery characters.

Has anyone unlocked the door? What was inside of the door? I'm curious lol

Editing A&A / Re: [COMPLETE] The Trial of Time Quest Pack
« on: August 27, 2014, 11:54:11 PM »
Taxxi, thanks for the motivation to pick up doombuilder again. :D

Oh, what I did? :D Thank You for keep making it since I can have fun!

General Discussion / Re: Citizen Playthrough
« on: August 27, 2014, 01:47:27 AM »
There are a handful of uses for stealing. For example, Jagurtha is insanely hard to kill at low levels. (Except for priest and paladin who get blood shield right before that fight). BUT players who can use thief tools can just pick pocket him. So running in and stealing from him can mean a quicker battle. Then hit the button and get out.

That's quite an interesting strategy, indeed. But in AA, you can die multiple times without serious disadvantages and you gain experience through hitting the enemies. Since this is not a game that ends once you have achieved certain goals (like rougelike games), even though you can pass by enemies and clear all the stages, it seems me somewhat lackluster to me in the end. Yeah, all games have more that one problem with those sneaky characters... Almost always.

Oh, by the way I've read the post about your mod in this forum. Is it the comprehensive changelog of your mod? I think I didn't understand all of the contents but that looked quite promising. I don't know all the mechanics of this game so I just wanted to know exactly what has been changed to what. I'm thinking of trying it with my new character. Do I have to backup the old character files? Is it compatible with the current release version? (I mean, the character files). Maybe I'm asking too many questions  :P

General Discussion / Re: Citizen Playthrough
« on: August 26, 2014, 07:46:25 PM »
The knight plays similar to the citizen, but his melee damage is doubled. He's always been my favorite because most of the ranged challenges in the game are targeted at this kind of character, who has to get very clever to solve them.

Actually, I always love melee type characters the most in any game (maybe except some too extreme barbarian characters). Even in fps games I prefer weapons such as flamethrower. The only reason I chose citizen is that he is decent in melee combat and can experience a lot of different tactics. And as you have mentioned, I also strongly agree that the challenge melee characters typically have to overcome is very enjoyable! It has its own taste that makes those characters very charming.

The rest of the classes (sailor, mercenary, paladin, warlock) play very similarly to one of these.

I think some characters - sailor, mercenary, magician, archer - are not that outstanding compared to other characters. Sailor and mercenary - I think their differences to knight are too small. Magician - I haven't played any 'stealing' characters but I doubt the effectiveness of stealing since stealth factor in this game is almost useless, which means he's inferior to both mage and warlord. Archer - with no damage bonus he's weaker than citizen in almost every stat. I think these characters should have more distinguishing characteristics or even be changed to other characters.

General Discussion / Re: Citizen Playthrough
« on: August 26, 2014, 01:19:30 AM »
I actually finished the game with level 16 citizen. God I was happy since there were not that many acid-spraying enemies. Oh I do hate those acids...

Fun little trip. The enemies were very strong. Many obsidian weapons and armors were found here. Cannot remember exactly what I got but I'm going to go through the whole stages again to locate everything I can. There were some white dots on the right of the beginning site but I couldn't get in. Speculating that those are located either above or below of that. I just gave it up :( No idea yet.

It was a very interesting stage for several reasons. The design was quite modern (I somewhat felt like that). There were a bunch of good items that I could find, notably an Obsidian set along with the previous level. But there were some strange things that I couldn't understand.
When you get into the room where the magic boulder ends and go around the torches, you hear some grinding noies as if a door is opened or a trap is disarmed. I couldn't understand what it does, though.
Also, there was a hidden room wherein a broken red texture is located. The map indicates that there are about five items are inside but couldn't get it. Strange.
Even though I had more than enough platinums, I was too greed to hold everything and was murdered by the boulder :P

Very fun level... except that stupid chariot god. I couln't get inside the buildings located at the right side. Through a hidden room were some goodies(Adamantium Dagger) and some gems: it was really kept hidden well. I read a post in this forum that a god or something is invincible so I just wanted to grab the item and leave the quest. The first time I jumped all over the place but couldn't find the item so I got slaughtered  :P The next time I succeeded.

Overall, an easy stage except that boulder and the god. But I think I have missed quite a loot.

Thank God those wizards are not those red ones who spit the acid balls! Everything went fine except that deadly trap: I got crushed with fireballs, smashed by the ceiling to death. Think I've grabbed everything including Pyrinium sets and that Vindicator

I fought hard with those blue archers and there were swimming in the lava, so I killed them with lightning damage. Think I've found everything including the hidden room behind the lava pool, a Wand of Lightning, and the remaining Pyrinium sets EXCEPT the armor. That's strange... I tried hard but couldn't find one even at the later levels.

Kinda confused if that boss was invincible or something but died eventually. I couldn't find anything valuable, though.

It was my mistake to take the amulet too fast. I was playing fun with some griffons so I thought they are not respawned but they did after the amulet was taken. How strange... So it was hard to travel around but thankfully they didn't have a fire breath or something like that kind of ranged attack so I found out a short sword with a piercing ability and the Adaminium set. I guess this armor set is the best that one can afford? I died once there but still cannot figure out what the trap is. Also got a wand after killing the mage but not that much useful...

Had some trouble dealing with those dragons. I think ranged weapons are far too weak. I used two-crossbow technique mentioned in a post in this forum, and it took around 1000~2000 normal arrows to kill a few dragons: no kidding. I actually tried to cast earthbind and then smash them, but it somehow didn't work on them. What the hell? They were flying damn good, sir. The goodies were fantastic but I think there are no hidden rooms here.

Surprisingly easy and fun stage since there were not that many traps and no acid balls.

Stiil I have a lot of questions but I think I have to handle them myself first and then put them on another post. Strange thing is that there are many powerful wands and rings but I couldn't find them (ex. strengh ring(15), Pyrinium Armor). Wanna have those, do I!

I cannot say much about citizen since this is my first playthrough but he could use any weapons and armors with incredibly good health and speed so he was really powerful. When needed, he has quite a high magic stat so was able to use wands at will. Bad thing is that he couldn't cast heal or protect from elemental damage, and all the other strong buffs(which I haven't used though). Since he is very versatile, I think he is a great character for a beginner.

General Discussion / Re: Citizen Playthrough
« on: August 26, 2014, 12:36:31 AM »
I'm enjoying watching your candid responses to the levels -- good and bad.

Glad that you're enjoying :) I'm just quickly going through the stages so that I can understand the whole mechanism of this game better. But the crave for collecting every items and visiting every possible places made me to post this in the hope that I may get some help.

For what it is worth, look for the small statue like structures with the spheres.  They are exit markers.  In fact, right clicking (eyeballing) one should say "EXIT MARKER".  Granted, you still can accidentally jump into one.

That was an expensive lesson I've learned through all the mistakes. It was indeed helpful to check the marker but for the beginner sometimes you don't have enough time to react (esp. 1-5 and 3-6: very easy to make mistakes since enemies are around that place, and the quest fails  :o)

Once you're done with Destruction, give Trial of Time a shot :D

I actually had a brief look at it with my level 16 citizen with a flying amulet, and frankly the design of the whole levels were incredibly impressive. Especially in 8-2 and 8-3, the scenery was beautiful. Was it you who made that? I was actually surprised. The only reason I haven't played it thoroughly is that I wanted to play it with my new character: thinking of playing this time with a priest or a paladin. I wish two things would come true.

1. I wish there were many more maps that we can play: 7 maps were fun, but I think it would be much more fun if ordinary users make maps and we play them! I think this game has potential to be developed in that way.
2.Harder difficulty maps would be decent. I think the level cap was around 30 and we need a challenge suited for that level, of course!

My fall semester is coming but I'm actually interested in computer programming (have a small experience of PHP, that's all :(). Maybe if I have some time and can start to get living myself, I should also try it.

General Discussion / Re: Citizen Playthrough
« on: August 25, 2014, 09:09:04 AM »
While I was finding some information about the location of items, I found out that the information is so scanty especially at the later stages. I'm thinking of travelling around from the frist to the last quest when I'm done about every quests and finding the location of every items.

Think I've grabbed everything here. And I still think there is no mithril plate armor since I've found a mithril chest plate here. Also found some other mithril armors. Also, I forgot to mention but at stage 3, I think I have grabbed an obsidian helm (+60) before.

I only later realized that those red priests can blast some of your items but so far so good (it was). Grabbed everything, I guess. The battle inside the castle was pretty hard due to that all so-cruel traps!!

Was a very hard level since I didn't want to lose any of my equipment, but somehow lost my left mithril guantlet :( I died once under which the hidden red wizards are hidden, and several times figuring out what the use of the button deep inside the temple: it triggers two traps that kill everything. I thought it opens a left red door which was on the map but it wasn't. Still not sure...

The first time I killed the wizard at the top but didn't drop the book so I just got into the exit and the quest failed. Oh man... I have some kind of a jinx. I got that lavawalking amulet and a venom blade or something here. Also a ring of shielding(+15) by killing the wizard. Once you know the trick, it was an easy level though compared to the previous one.

I hate those red wizards...

General Discussion / Re: Citizen Playthrough
« on: August 24, 2014, 11:50:44 PM »
The amulet of strength is a game breaker. Once you get it, the challenge curve goes WAY down. I recommend selling it to keep the game fun.

Yes, indeed. With Fang Blade(7 dmg), enemies went down so easily. But the problem is I've got so accustomed to bring so many things thanks to the augmented strength! It's so much fun! I got loads of potions now...

Easy. I believe I've been to everywhere here.

I almost couldn't find that waterwalking ring but found it somehow. There was a gigantic pillar or something but I don't know what to do with it :(

Fun map but the trap was too harsh, esp. the ceiling squashing one. Even though there wasn't mentioned at the wiki, there was a knocking wand. Even though one might have one at this point of time, I think it's worth mentioning.

Easy map. Felt like playing 1-2 again.

I couln't kill the Elmore at first so I used every magic I could and later found out that lightning damage can kill him. Also the money treasure room was really tricky.

Man.. I'm not kidding but I went the exit door too early this time too. Good thing is that I've backed up the character file this time since I felt the omen of doom. Traps were so hard that I actually killed myself several times.

I really liked this third quest: it was really fun. I think the previous quest was harder due to ranged enemies and hidden secret rooms.

Easy. Think I have grabbed everything I could. I've got a Wand of Homing Darts after I've completed this quest, I'm guessing that I've got it here (also not listed in the wiki).

The traps were so dangerous... I died once due to that huge stone. I think there might be some places I haven't been to.

Enjoyed this map a lot! I think I've grabbed everything I could. Except one thing: is there a Mithril Plate Armor here? The wiki says it but I'm very doubtful about it: there was only leggings or dagger or something like that.

Man, the skeletons were so annoying... Grabbed the ring of shielding after the boss died (also not listed in the wiki). I've got only mithril chain tunic or something: couldn't find that Mithril Plate Armor here either :(

Overall, it went fine, but maybe I have to investigate the fourth quest further. But there are so many dreadful traps and acid balls so I'm just thinking of it. And also, I really don't think there is a Mithril Plate Armor there: I've searched quite a lot.

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