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Amazing! Yesterday I spent some hours (I better not think about how many) trying to get out (different angles, including perfect 90 degree, running with speed bonuses, jumping with or without jump bonuses, jumping from the corners beside the window, flying, spelling Blink from different positions including upward and downward angles). Then I put the game on pause hoping for an answer here, in the forum.

Today I just unpaused the game, pressed the forward button running up the stairs, and... found myself outside the window, by inertia falling off the high block which is outside!!!

If it was not just pure irrational luck, I think, I did leave myself 90 degree aligned to the center of the window at the end of yesterday's session, and -- since I just switched to the game -- the user interface was yet somewhat slow/jerky (due to the program memory stashed off to the hard disk because of the inactivity) which could mean that the game program received relatively more user input from me compared to what it itself managed to do when updating the environment.

Regarding the equipped things: I got both in and out of the room while equipped with everything (armor, weapon, amulet, 4 rings) except for the head armor (which I cannot wear being a rogue). I did try unequipping things, but that did not help.


As one can read in a Youtube comment to the Mzbudifund's and Bacter's playthrough of mission 6-3 and see in the 7th bonus video, some people have got INTO the room complex with the food, rusty swords and note. But has actually anyone got OUT OF it, in other way than restarting the level?

I managed to get in there as well, and cannot get out. Examining the map of the level indicates that there could be a mathematical reason why it's impossible. It seems that the height of the player is 72 units: in the mentioned video at one point the players stand at the highest possible point where they cannot jump anymore, and the height of that place is 72. The same applies to the top step of the staircase just inside the tight-squeeze room (ceiling height 160, floor 88). But the height of the window sector is only 64 (ceiling 160, floor 96).

So, how does one gets in? I didn't manage to, after many tries by running and jumping. However, I managed to do it by almost the first try when *flying* towards above the window and then falling and pushing forward simultaneously (I aligned myself as exactly perpendicular to the window as possible beforehand). The thing is that the ceiling outside the window is somewhat higher (at 200) than the window. Probably this allowed some quantum-tunnelling effect when falling/flying from above through the too-low window. However, inside the room ceiling is at the same height as the window ceiling, what makes the described technique impossible. At least after very many tries, flying or simply running and jumping, aligned or not, I did not succeed at anything (even at getting stuck in the window about what some complained).

So, can anyone confirm or refute this? Has anyone got out of that room? And if so, then how -- running or jumping, or flying, aligned perpendicularly, or sideways, or at some other angle?


Hints, Cheats, Tips & walkthroughs / Secret or unreachable area in Q3M1?
« on: December 04, 2014, 06:23:12 PM »
The Amulets and Armor wiki has a map of this level, and it shows a quite large area at the bottom left corner of the map which seems to be unreachable. It connects to the rest of the map through a long corridor at 2 places: at the corridor encircling the labyrinth room, and at one of the rooms, however there are impassable walls blocking these connection places. BTW, Mzbundifund and Bacter in their playthrough commented on the texture of the wall being different, but there being no secret door at that place. That's exactly the place where the connecting corridor is, but the wall seems to be impassable.

Is there perhaps some way to teleport into the area? Or is it just a leftover from some earlier map design efforts, not meant to be accessible?

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