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In mid to late game, a lot of items confer positive status effects, such as strength, accuracy, protection, etc. For example, if you buy 4 rings of strength, you get 4 icons for increased strength on the right side of your screen.

I'd like to request that identical icons be combined. Perhaps the icon's transparency could denotate how powerful the effect is? Thus a temporary effect wearing off would still flicker and cause the icon to get dimmer.

While playing a Mage, I was heavily encumbered and doing the thousand yard crawl to the map exit, I cast the spell Giant Strength and noticed it didn't reduce my encumbrance at all. However, after I picked up an item, I sped up dramatically. Strange!

It seems the Giant Strength spell doesn't recalculate encumbrance until your load changes, either by picking up an item, dropping an item, or consuming an item.

I thought Pyrinium was the best armor you could get in the game, and without the breastplate, but I found Adamantium Plate armor in Q5M4. The one with all the Griffins.

It was in a room with lava and a mage, a couple tables and some chairs. It's behind a hidden locked door on the wall. And it takes a LOT to unlock it.

General Discussion / Visions of Jugurtha crash
« on: July 16, 2011, 09:53:51 PM »
I think it's level 3 of this quest that tends to crash a lot. Any ideas about the causes or how to fix? It has a few weird graphical glitches, I wonder if something about the level goes beyond the limits of the engine?

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