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but I found Adamantium Plate armor in Q5M4. The one with all the Griffins.
Q7M4, you mean?

Additionally, this secret area is interesting because there's no red line in the automap pointing it out. I wonder if there's anything else hidden this way that we're missing? Also, be careful when you step inside that alcove; it sets your food and water meters to 0% and deals about 40 damage.

Hints, Cheats, Tips & walkthroughs / Q6M4 and Q6M5?
« on: August 10, 2013, 04:13:30 PM »
It appears Quest 6, "The Lost City", has two inaccessible maps. The map where you get the Wand from the Aegean God is actually map 3; how can the remaining two maps be accessed, if possible?

General Discussion / Three issues to report.
« on: June 28, 2013, 08:28:17 PM »
Holy cow, I never thought that first-person dungeon crawler I found off a shareware CD bought in '98 would see the light of day again, especially after seeing how low were its sales. But it did, and it was quite the pleasant surprise for me. However, since I'd only like to see this game get better, I'd like to inform of some issues I've encountered in this game. I've also sent them to the support e-mail at

All issues were on a machine running Windows 7, Dosbox 0.74 and A&A Classic v.1.01.

1. On the final quest (Destruction), map 4, there is a specific enemy that when struck by physical damage crashes the game. It's the purple Death Priest called Mattan by the game. Said issue can be circumvented by using any elemental attacks. For example, I passed that point by stabbing him with WormTooth, which deals 6 acid damage, since I was playing a Knight and attacking said enemy with DiamondEdge, which is 10 dmg physical, crashes the game. (EDIT: hitting that enemy with most kinds of damage causes the game to crash; physical, poison and pierce all cause that, but somehow acid doesn't)

2. Sometimes music doesn't play at all when using the Digital Audio setting in the Setup program instead of MIDI. This issue happens every time the 4th (EDIT: it's actually the 5th) map of a quest is reached, and also affects the final (EDIT: it affects the 4th, actually, im addition to the last one) map of Destruction.

3. There are numerous typos in the quest texts, in-game messages, and various other places in the game. I'm actually willing to go through the game's script and fix them.

A different set of questions, this time about game items:

1. After playing through the whole game, I've yet to see some items that appeared in the shareware I played many years ago such as the bloody long sword/Sword of Justice (9 pierce dmg). Are they unused in the full game?

2. I could only find 2 pieces of Pyrinium armor in the quests; it it possible to get a full suit of Pyrinium/Adaminium armor? (EDIT: Pyrinium no, but Adaminium yes)

EDIT: there's a fourth issue I forgot to report:

Using wands in look mode is buggy. You can't fire them repeatedly unless you push Ctrl after every time you click the mouse or use the unequip/equip trick described elsewhere for use with the Crossbow.

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