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Editing A&A / [MAPPING] Unspecified Thing Numbers
« on: February 02, 2014, 10:49:22 AM »

While editing the original A&A maps, I found several things that have undefined numbers in the current Doom Builder Config File (2-Feb-2014).

I have tested the maps (actually only Q1M1) with and without those objects, and I found what are they used for.
Most of them are markers like in Duke3D, that will transform the sector into something different, or ambience sounds, etc, but others seem to have some unknown effect that after testing the map with and without them, nothing seems to change.
I marked those markers with a "Unknown action" label.

I'm quite lazy to add them to the Doom Builder config file now, so if anyone is not that lazy can add them hehehe
I will use Doom nomenclature, for example "DR Open Wait Close" means "Door Repeatable Opens, Waits a bit and automatically closes".

Actually only tested from Q1M1, so there may be others differents in another maps.

List Updated: 4 - Feb - 2014.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Markers that doesn't appear in this list, may not exists. If this is the case, the game will crash when the map loads.

Updated markers will be marked with a "=>" instead of a "?"

? 150 - Unknown action?
? 924 - Transfers Sector Light from the brightest nearest sector.
? 1500 - DR, Open Wait Close. Wait = 2 seconds. Sound = Wooden door (look note at the end)
? 1505 - Walkable water. Preserves the floor texture. Player gets slightly sinked (not swimmable). Splashing water sound.
? 1509 - SFX Burning, campfire ambience
? 1511 - SFX Night Forest ambience 1
? 1512 - SFX Wind blowing ambience
? 1513 - SFX River ambience
? 1514 - SFX Small/short waterfall ambience.
=> 1518 - End Level. Look note at the end.
? 1523 - Scroll Floor Texture. Move things. Slower. Uses thing angle to change scrolling direction.
? 1524 - Scroll Floor Texture. Move things. Slow. Uses thing angle to change scrolling direction.
? 1525 - Scroll Floor Texture. Move things. Fast. Uses thing angle to change scrolling direction.
? 1526 - Light Glows from actual light level to 255 light. 1 sec frequency.
? 1531 - SFX Magic humming ambience
? 1533 - SFX Night Forest ambience 2
? 1537 - Scroll nearest wall texture up. Slow.
? 1541 - Scroll nearest wall texture down. Slow.
? 1542 - Scrolls nearest wall texture down. Fast.

* For 1500: this marker lowers the marked sector's ceiling to the floor and allows it to be opened by pressing "use button, open door" key. You don't need to "close" the door in the map editor because the game will do this automatically.

* For 1518: the thing tag/value/attribute tells the engige what level goes next.

Announcements / Re: A&A OpenGL Development
« on: February 02, 2014, 08:53:04 AM »
Everyone might know I've posted an update to the OpenGL port at

My oppinion?

I don't mind OpenGL IF you give the option to set different texture filterings, lets say, Linear, Nearest, whatever.
I can't stand blurry borders on sprites. I love seeing pixels in my screen. And that is actualy one of the features I like from A&A or for any other 199x game.

But don't missunderstand me. I also like fancy effects such as dynamic lights, decals, projectile trails and such.
You can take a look at EDGE Engine. It works under OpenGL but you can choose the filtering style, as well as activate/deactivate graphical effects like dynamic lights and so.

About high res, I don't mind playing at 320x200 or 1366x768. Maybe I prefer a little bit 320x200 because looking a fuzz of pixels in the distance is some way to simulate the viewing limit of our eyes. Also, seeing that fuzz makes me to inmerse more in the game like "Oh noes, something is moving in the distance!!! What the hell is that? Should I get closer or leave it?"

It makes the game more RPG-ish to not know what is in the far distance.

Editing A&A / Re: Community Project: A&A Map Revamping!?
« on: February 02, 2014, 08:42:46 AM »
#1 item placement. Plenty of items need removed. Plenty need added. More monsters for sure. (The biggest offender is the amulet of strength in quest 2)

Well, last time I played A&A was three or four years ago, I can't remember too much details.
I'm not sure what you want to mean with the "Amulet of Str in quest 2".

I will start with the map Q1M1 to see what we can do.

#2 Textures. There's not only texture alignment problems, but plenty of poor choices. Especially all of the areas where a regular door is using the wall textures and seems secret.

Yes. Actually that is one of the first priorities that we should change.
I don't remember right now how many door textures we have available, but just in case we need more, how the community would accept new textures or modified ones, for doors? just in case we need more door textures, ofc.

#3 Map height. They are all very short, except for the last level. There is something to be said for the fact that flying is normal in the game (so you have to be careful with fancy sky sections) but I think that adding some height to most of the outdoor maps will give room for improvement. Like adding more cliffs and secret passageways.

Again, a must to be changed. Maybe in the 199x those outside areas were nice, but today's, I agree with you that they doesn't look that realistic.
Anyway, building some cliffs, realistic waterfalls, better tree placement, etc... is easy and will improve the area a lot.

#4 Size. Many of the maps are just tiny. Many of the inside maps should include outside areas. Many of the outside maps should include a few buildings. The elf village should have way more houses and the like. I'm wondering what the limitation was originally. Considering the numbers of trees and brush, there might be a number of actors problem on some maps.

But changing the size of the maps may change the gameplay.
I think you are talking about maps like Q1M2 or similar. Yes they are tiny, but if we change the map itself to look bigger and different, it couldn't be classified as a "Original A&A revamped map", but like a "A&A replacement map".
And this is something that I want to avoid.

#5 The doors... OOOOH the doors. As the quests wear on, there are way way too many doors. The exiguus and the lost city are the wost offenders. Plenty of areas could be interconnected with open doorways instead.

Definetely. That is one of the worst points that need a deep rebuilding.
Actually, most of the maps are in a room-corridor-room fashion, which looks pretty linear and boring, IMO.

#6 Basic arcitecture improvement. Most of the rooms are square. Rounding them out would go a long way. That and adding trim to doors.

And not only rounding them up. Adding a plinth, columns, arches, ceiling windows, etc... will improve a lot the maps.

Let me work something on Q1M1 and show you how some little changes can improve a lot the overal looking, without the need of changing the basic structure of the map.

Editing A&A / Community Project: A&A Map Revamping!?
« on: February 02, 2014, 06:08:18 AM »
 I was wondering if someone is interested in this kind of project.

The original maps are rather awful for today's standards in terms of detail, monsters' placement and overall looking.
So I came to this idea.

Basically a community project to revamp the game maps. I am not talking about creating new maps to replace the old maps,  but just take the original maps and add much more detail, maybe modify some areas that doesn't look good or seem a bit out of place.

As a community project this can be done faster than a single person project.

So what is your opinion on this?

I will start with Q1M1 map anyway, so even if I don't get any help,  I will keep working on it.

Editing A&A / MOD creation questions and a proposal
« on: February 01, 2014, 01:51:17 PM »
Hi there fellow adventurers.

I have been playing A&A for years and today I found this project, which is absolutely awesome and what I was waiting for years.

It is also nice to know that the game went open source or free or whatever.

Well, so basically what brings me here is the chance to share adventures with more people, but also the chance to edit the game mechanics and create new maps, although I already knew that Slade map editor allows this, I was lacking the linedefs, things and such.
I always though that A&A had a great potential.

So actually, I would like to ask for resources or a PDF or something that teaches me how to edit the game scripts and logic, so I can edit or create new enemies, weapons, spells or whatever to allow me to create a Mod or a TC.

I have been working on a Doom TC based on A&A under EDGE engine for some time, but now that A&A went opensource makes any Dom TC pointless.

So basically, how to create mods and TCs for this game?

Now it comes the proposal:

I noticed that now A&A supports network games.
I can't explain how nobody thought about creating an A&A MMORPG-ish game.
I mean, not a true MMORPG like WoW, but some kind of mod that looks like a sandbox game, with big maps, monsters respawning after some time, maybe HUB style maps like in Hexen...
People can join a server with friends and adventure in a sandbox map or maps.

I know this can be easily done with almost any Doom source port that allows networking, but since we have A&A opensource, this could be also made here.

What I'm talking about is something like Hexen style gameplay but with A&A engine, bigger maps, a lot of new items and spells and respawning monsters.

Well, thats all cya.

Be all your adventures epic and lacking of danger.

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