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MSVS 2013 and Editor Info
« on: August 29, 2014, 09:44:33 AM »
First thing's first, I made the dumbest mistake in the book. I left the viewthing object on the map when trying to play it. Anyone mapping, remember not to leave the doombuilder2 view object lying around. The map won't load if it's there.

I had trouble remembering this because it kept crashing and not reporting any errors, so I couldn't for the life of me figure out why. I wanted to download 2010 express, but 2013 seemed worth a look. Of course it's a hassle, though. It won't even open the 2010 solution files. So I had to open the project directly. I thought there'd be some config issues, and then boom. It would work. But this is never the case.

Turns out that the feof() method doesn't work as expected anymore. It returns true for one final character. (I think it's eof). But the buffer returned is empty. The first file loaded is config.ini so this is the first place it crashed. I ended up adding a break into that loop if the buffer was ever empty. But boy was that annoying.

I think I'll put some info on it on the ms forums before I uninstall this and look for 2010 just to keep compatibility until the LUA port is ready.

INIFILE.C - Line: 108
Code: [Select]
while (!feof(fp))  {
buffer[0] = '\0' ;
fgets(buffer, 160, fp) ;
if (strlen(buffer) == 0)
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