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In hand stacking
« on: December 22, 2015, 05:56:53 AM »
Noticed an issue that items can stack with Shift+click into the Use hand inventory stack.

To reproduce:

  • Gather several stacks of cherries (or any other stackable item)
  • Place 3 of them on the ground.
  • Empty any weapon out of the use hand
  • Place one of the cherries in the use hand
  • Shift+click a cherry on the ground
  • Open the inventory
  • Place cherries from hand into inventory. A stack will appear

There's a couple funny glitches associated. If there are 2 cherries in the stack and a pile of 3 from the hand are placed on them, some will disappear and the stack in the inventory will become 3. If you use the stack that is in your hand, all 3 will be eaten but only 1 effect will count.

Lost some scrolls this way by accident.

I'll make a fix soon. Just didn't want to forget