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If you find any bugs in the game, feel free to start a new topic here for the bug.

Naturally, the more details given, the more we can look at the bug.

Two things:

1) For the windows version, the turning speed of the player is crazily fast.

2) For old DOS version, if I make a new mage and shoot an elf archer with a mage spell (456) and instakill him, I get 700XP. If I stab him to death with the starter dagger, I get ~1000XP. Why such a big difference?


What character (type and level) were you using in the windows version?

As for the XP:  I'll have to look into that.  If I recall, XP is awarded based on damage done.  There must be a difference between missiles and melee.


Quest::::::::::::Elmore's Retreat
Map number::::2   < >

When I step into the teleporter, I get stuck and keep teleporting. Jumping or moving doesn't help,
only leaving the game. Im playing with two classes:

-Knight @ Level 24
-Mage  @ Level 20

This only happens when I play with my 'knight' character.

I have uploaded a picture of the location

Does removing the ring of water walking fix this one?


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