Author Topic: How would you Redo the between level area/screen?  (Read 2298 times)

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How would you Redo the between level area/screen?
« on: November 04, 2013, 08:54:35 PM »
Y'know the bank/shop/inn/etc etc? How would you do it?

Me? Ever play phantas ystar online? Has a lobby area wehre lots of people can connect and talk and whatnot. Then from there you make your server/game based on which mission/quest/whatever you want ot do (actually you just make a room and do all that from inside the now made game.) Said game, in PSO anyway, is limited to four people.

Then from the now made game you have locations for bank, 'bloodbath and beyond' shopping, and so on.

Granted PSO also had a straight 'go out into the wilderness' teleporter with no mission objective so you could try making 'forest to falz' runs and just murder everything' or you could run missions which you'd have to do a specific thing in a specific zone.

I think I'd do it that you could go between having the main questlines that come stock and user generated content segregated out clearly but still could access either.

Then again I dunno that might annoy people to have a physical location and have to walk your virtual self around to each thing.

I liked it because you had teleport spells/items that let you go to town during missions unload loot. stock up on things. then go back for moar.